Why Do Cats in Multi-cat Family Frequently Fight?

Why Do Cats in Multi-cat Family Frequently Fight?


Cats may fight frequently for some reason, leading to strained relationships. Owners should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Insufficient food supply

Multiple cats competing for the same food bowl will not only develop a bad habit of protecting food, but also tend to create a hierarchy among cats. Do not let your cats get anxious about fighting for food.
To release the anxiety, first increase the supply of food. Secondly, add the same number of food bowls and water basins as the number of cats.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A Li Hua cat is eating cat food.

2. Insufficient space for activities

Even though cats like to jump up and down, do not pile up too much clutter in your house to prevent cats from falling down and smashing your furniture. Keep the house clean and tidy, which not only ensures enough space for your cat to move around, but also facilitates cleaning. Keep your home clean and hygienic, and it is not easy for cats to get sick.

At the same time, do not adopt too many cats out of sympathy. The rule of thumb for raising pet in home is to have one more than the number of cats, meaning: two rooms for one cat, three rooms for two cats, and so on to decrease the potential for competition over activities, so as to ensure that cats can have an independent and quiet space for refuge or rest. If there are too many cats in the house, not only will the cats fight over territory, but it will also be a burden to you.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: An American shorthair is lying on the sofa arm.

3. Daily life is monotonous and boring

Cats are naturally fond of hunting, but the environment at home cannot be the same as in the wild. At this time, the owner can use some cat toys to play with the cat, so that the cat can feel the fun of hunting at home.

At the same time, the cat is also eager to interact with the owner, but the owner often goes out to work, so the time to accompany the cat is less. Therefore, as the owner, you can spend more time with the cat at home and increase the interaction with the cat. Playing with cats for at least 20 minutes a day is good for their physical and mental health.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A kitten is playing a cat toy with his owner.

4. Cats have accumulated too much daily stress

 Cats in multi-cat family will have increasing psychological pressure due to competition for food, territory, and the owner's favor. Pay attention to the cat's physical condition and abnormal behavior. For example, the cat's appetite suddenly decreases, sleep time increases, and it only stays in a hidden corner in the room, etc.

Compared with humans, it is normal for cats to lose weight within 10% of the cat's total weight. If it exceeds this value, you need to pay attention to it. Your cat may be sick, or it may lose appetite in a short-term because of some the reasons. Regular deworming and paying attention to the cat's diet can avoid such problems to a certain extent.

Just like humans, cats have their own personalities. In the minds of some owners, maybe there is a preference for cats, but try not to show it. Some cats will keep in minds, and they will be upset and revenge. Owners should treat all cats equally, and do not favor a certain cat.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A ginger cat is staring at another orange cat who is eating.

5. Cats are very sensitive animals

For the relationship between new members, if it is not handled properly, it is easy to have strong cohabitation anxiety. Before adopting new members, please be sure to understand the relevant precautions and scientifically handle the relationship between new and old residents. For more details, please refer to our article published on February 25 What You Can Do To Properly Introduce Your Older Cat To Your New Kitten.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A British shorthair cat and two puppies.


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