What You Can Do to Properly Introduce Your Older Cat to Your New Kitten

What You Can Do to Properly Introduce Your Older Cat to Your New Kitten


Many people worry that their cat will be lonely at home when they work during the day, so they get a new cat to accompany with the old cat. But cats are extremely territorial animals, rashly bringing a strange member home will stress the current resident cat. It will think that the territory has been violated, and it will be very difficult for the new member to be brought to an unfamiliar territory. Both cats need to establish a sense of security, or their primal instincts may explode. Another factor to keep in mind is that not all cats like to be around other cats or animals in general, so make sure to take your time and look into alternatives. So, the process of bringing a new cat into your home requires some methods and techniques to help the two cats live in peace and form a lifelong friendship.

1) Health examination

First, health examination
In order to ensure the health of new members and indigenous people, they should be vaccinated and dewormed before meeting, and the new member should be given a complete health check to make sure that he does not have any infectious diseases. (Please go to a regular hospital for physical examination and infectious disease screening.)

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: The vet is examining the body of a ginger kitten.

2) Provide them with a separate room

Give your new kittens a separate room ensuring that they have room to explore all parts of the room.

Cat pheromones are communicators that cats use to interact with other cats and the things around them. These communicators are secreted from glands in cats that create these pheromones. A majority of these glands can be found around their face and head.

Here are some ways you can identify when a cat is releasing pheromones

▪ Rubbing their head against furniture
▪ Putting their head against yours
▪ Scratching at items

The pheromones they secrete are to leave behind and serve as an lD. but for cats. Other animals such as dogs also produce these pheromones that they leave behind. Doing this enables them to put their scent on pieces of furniture which is a way for them to mark their territory and leave their scent.

Isolation is also for the health of the cat. There is an incubation period for some diseases in cats, and they may not be discovered or tested immediately. Separate isolation is convenient to observe whether the life and diet of the new members are normal, and to ensure the health of the two cats.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A white dog and a ginger kitten are sniffing each other.

3) Give them new cat supplies

During the isolation period, new members and aborigines are not allowed to share water basins, rice basins, sand basins, towels, cat bags,combs,etc. People should wash their hands and disinfect immediately after petting the new cat.

It is crucial to purchase new cat supplies for your kitten. This means there isn't another cat's scent or these items which allows the kitten to claim them as their own. If you do not implement new furniture, toys, litter boxes, etc. the kitten may smell your older cat's scent on them and this could potentially cause them to become stressed and disinterested in the items given to them.

These cat supplies include but are not limited to:

▪ Water/food bow
▪ Bed
▪ Litter box
▪ Toys
▪ Cat tree
▪ Scratching post

All of these items are recommended for your kittens to have in their area. Giving these items to your kitten ensures that they have their own space and gives them things to do and explore. By using these items, allows them to feel at ease and helps them sooner fit into new environment.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: Two cats are sitting face to face at the dinner table.

4) Gradually exchange scents to each other

The isolation process can last for a month or more, depending on the circumstances. New members should not be allowed to walk around the house during this period. After the observation period, you can perform a "scent exchange", taking turns petting the cats so that they smell of each other and changing their toys or household items so that they blend with the Aboriginal scent as quickly as possible.

Amosijoy-Blog Picture: Two kittens are playing a ball.

    5) Introduce them face to face

    Do a slow, supervised introduction

    If your cats seem to feel comfortable with each other's scents, you can now begin the face-to-face introduction process. Doing this still requires a lot of precaution, so make sure they are supervised in the beginning. Slowly introduce your cats by either carrying one cat to the other while subtly introducing them or simply crack a door open so they can see each other but aren't able to come into physical contact. Whichever you feel is most comfortable to start out with is fine, as long as you are most alert during this step.

    lf all goes well, introduce them in a room on the floor

    If your cats seem to be interested or comfortable in each other's presence you can put them into a room. This still requires supervision so make sure you are still alert and ready if something goes wrong. Allow your kitten and older cat to sniff each other and get to know one another, If they seem comfortable and calm around each other then that means they are getting along just fine.

    If it doesn't work out, consult an expert

    Animals can be difficult, and they are all different. Some animals like to be around others or are able to and some would rather be the only baby in the house. Each pet is different and that is okay. If none of the previous steps worked then consulting a professional would be best and safest for you and your cats.

    Amosijoy-Blog Picture: A white kitten is lying on an American shorthair.


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